Price Action Course for Beginner/AmiBroker users

Invest in U R self, before U invest in markets

Course Highlights

By signing up for the Price Action course, you intend to become a Professional Intraday and SWING Traders, trading in NSE-Nifty, BankNifty, and NSE F & O stocks or for that matter any symbol that trades.

We assume you have no prior knowledge of trading markets or about technical analysis. Price Action course includes exposure to the Price Action based analysis and does not need any prior knowledge of Technical Analysis tools and indicators. You would be Trading with confidence using the Price Action which is the most simple trading system for all the Financial Markets, not only in India, but also around the globe.

You will become an Independent Trader after the course

As part of the course you would be exposed to PRICE ACTION, an Intraday/Swing trading system designed and developed by SPOTgains, for making profit in Long as well as short trades everyday trading NSE Index and F&O stocks. The strategy and technics of trading LIVE markets needs a mind set and skills, which need to be understood and then brought in practise on daily basis. You would be expected to paper trade atleast 3 to 5 hours everyday, after the course.

You are expected to have a trading account with broker we recommend to trade on NSE cash and F&O segment. We can help you to open a trading account if you already dont have one. The benefit of opening an account with our community broker can help you get the lowest brokerage and discounts on the RSM strategy monthly subscription rates.

Course Structure

The course is spread over 2 Days for AmiBroker Users and 1 Day for Beginners, the details are outlined below :

Day 1)

This session is conducted on Sat/Sun and is from 8:30am to 6:00pm. The theory aspect with focus on only PRICE Action is taken up.

Day 2)

The concepts taken up on day one of the training would be effectively used to search the trade setups using the PRICE Action Scanner.

Some hours would be spend in the LIVE market to understand the trading dynamics and the trade setup priority using the scanner.

Batch size

One to four people only


For Beginners :

One FULL day, Rs.7500/- inclusive of the Lunch, Tea and Coffee and also ONE month Price Action Scanner subscription included.

For AmiBroker Users :

TWO FULL days, Rs.25000/- inclusive of the Lunch, Tea and Coffee and also the AFL for Price Action chart used in the LIVE training on the second day.

Date and time

Call the support number 9769429864 to fix up the days in Mumbai or Pune
Your seat confirmation happens only after we receive the payment atleast one day before the course.

Venue in Mumbai or Pune

Training is presently conducted at Mumbai/Pune office only.
Looking for PARTNERS in other parts of the country

Making payments

Check the link on the right or below for more details.

"Using Price Action Scanner" for PA traders

If you have been already trading markets using PA theory, you can now use PRICE ACTION SCANNER to search for Pin Bar, Swing Bar, Fake bar formations on real time basis.