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TREND ON strategy charts for Intraday Traders

Options Trading using TREND Ways for Nifty / Stocks Call/Put

Objective of the course
Trading OPTIONS (Call/Put) - Concepts and Misconcepts

Options or futures are one of the most versatile risk management products offered by the Financial Markets. You can use them as tools to protect against adverse price moves in Stocks and Index that trade in the F & O section of the NSE and BSE markets. Whether they are traded for purposes of hedging or speculating, the risk involved can be limited to the amount paid up-front for the option. The reason we believe the average person isn't rich from trading options is because they just don't understand them. Or maybe it's because options can expire worthless which scares investors away. But keep in mind, the premium you might lose if an option expires is only a fraction of what you risk when you buy a stock.

And in most trades we've sold our option long before expiration and never have to worry about it anyway! The key to successful option trading is knowing when a stock is ready to make a significant move allowing you to double and triple your money just like clockwork. Because most investors have no clue what a stock is going to do, their only choice is to buy, hold, and hope. In the end, they usually get hurt anyway. Random Or Predictable?

The SPOTgains strategy charts identify patterns having an uncanny ability to pin-point, with razor-sharp precision, when a stock or index is ready to make a 10% to 30% move in a matter of weeks, which is impressive by any account. But remember, options give you a tremendous amount of leverage. A 10% move in a stock could easily pocket you a 100%-200% gain with options. A 30% move could land you a 400% - 600% profit.
What does the course offer you ? TREND Ultra for Options trading
In this course, we teach you 22 Strategies - easy to master and they are made for different market conditions, maybe Bullish, Bearish or Sideways. And yes, you need not have any prior knowledge of Derivatives. You would also learn to recognize Spotgains Signals on the charts. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to these charts with signals, a picture is worth 50,000 - sometimes few Lakhs. So its no reading balance sheets, cash-flow statements, understanding book values, accruals, share buy-backs or any other complicated and incredibly dull fundamental analysis. As an option trader we don't care what happens to a stock in the next two years. All we care about is the next few weeks. The best way to determine short-term direction is with TREND Ways - EOD trading system, powered by SPOTgains, for Index and Stocks.

TREND On is being used by Intraday Options trader, where as TREND Ultra is being used by Positional Options trader.

These trading systems are the bread & butter for many and are not just limited to stocks. They also work in commodities and currency markets in India. Any trader using them, regardless of what you trade, has an almost unfair advantage over traders who don't.
Who can attend the course?
Anyone, in fact everyone who trades/invest in Financial Markets.
ONE Half Day Training -
Timing : 9:15 am to 1:15 pm
Venue : Dadar

For next dates and registration details,
contact us

or call
Training Support +91 9769429864 (Mumbai)

Course Fees : Rs.5000/- only { Price includes lunch/tea at venue}
Special Price for SPOTgainer : Rs.4500/-

Whats so SPECIAL about the course at Spotgains.in?

The course is conducted by
NSE Certified Options Trader/Instructor

22 Different Strategies for different Market Conditions, with lots of examples

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And get ONE month FREE Subcription of TREND Ways as Special Offer.

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