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Spotgains aims to build a successful Investor and Trader Community

Spotgains.in is confident of bringing about a revolutionary change in the way people trade or invest in the Financial Markets today.

Our committed efforts of empowering the market participates on the different aspects of Investing or trading in,
Spotgains bulletIndex
Spotgains bulletStocks
Spotgains bulletFutures
Spotgains bulletCommodities
Spotgains bulletCurrency
Would help the market build a community of well informed and smart investors/traders.


Yes, SPOTgainers, the community of smart and informed investor who always trade to maximise GAINS. The trading strategy developed by us, can be used by anyone who is a trader or an investor, with great ease.

Sophisticatedly Simple

Simple colors RED and GREEN, to look for in the charts, to decide on the TREND!!!

1> SPOT the color on the chart
2> Take position in the Index, Stock, Commodities or Currencies
3> Manage your GAINS - using the Dynamic TRAIL stoploss line
Always remember,

TREND is your FRIEND, trade with it.

No one can be correct 100%, so STOPLOSS are must

Dont let your EMOTIONS Control your trade.

Join the SPOTgainer community today !!!

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