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SPOTgains was founded in 2009, with a passion to use the power of science, human insight and technology to solve real business challenges.

From this vision SPOTgains has evolved into an elite, research-driven firm combining the skill sets of business professionals, software engineers and sophisticated data specialists. Our team has created a proprietary predictive analytics platform so the trading and investing community can make better data-driven decisions.

We empower decision makers with Intelligent Information so they can Decide. With Confidence. SPOTgains provides traders/investors with tools, which allows them to take better decisions. We provide organizations with tailored business intelligence and advanced predictive analytic solutions turning data into actionable, Intelligent Information which would lead to making PROFITS on different time frames like Intraday or End-of-Day.

We are presently developing Risk Management solutions that would soon be made available to the investing community. Whether you face pressure from adverse market conditions, competitive strain or increased regulation, we’re here to help.

At SPOTgains, we keep things SIMPLE. This is a fact we’re proud of. Every day, all of our effort goes in to providing the best Decision Management Systems for the world’s financial markets. Our reputation is built on dedication and innovation. And it’s one that speaks for itself.

We dream of becoming the market leaders, and provide you with the advantage to stay ahead of the market and ahead of the competition. DEMAND MORE from SPOTgains.
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