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Professional Writing Service for AmiBroker Formulas using AFL by SPOTgains

What can I use AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language) for ?

AFL for writing AmiBroker Formulae

AFL is the Amibroker Formula Language used in the Amibroker charting program. It can be used to design the following :
Type of AFL
  • Chart / Indicator only
  • Exploration
  • Trading System (Buy-Sell arrows)
  • Custom Backtesting / Optimization

Writing AmiBroker Formulae using AFL

Development of Strategies personalized

Now you can comfortably request the programming of your strategies from our Web Site. You just have to send us an e-mail requesting strategy request, where we will ask the main decisions that you want to take in the design of your strategy. This will make the explanation of your strategy easier for you, and it will simplify the interpretation of the different strategies that were received by the programmers of our Systems Department.
Once those questions are completed and sent, you will receive an e-mail with the estimated price of your strategy programming.

SPOTgains.in has already designed and developed some AFLs for our in-house purpose as well as on request made by the AmiBroker registered users.

Click here to check the SAMPLES
Writing AFL for AB users

AFL - AmiBroker Formula Language, use has made it easy for the AB users, to dream, design and implement their trading ideas.

Writing AFL for AB users

SPOTgains.in can help you implement your trading strategy. Just get in touch with us !!!

AmiBroker Training in Mumbai by SPOTgains

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